April 26th 2004

tune into cj motorsports new frequency for 2004  461.2125

April 24th 2004

races cancelled due to bad weather see everyone next week 5/01/04

April 22nd 2004

preview of the 2004 race car

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April 20th 2004

on April 17th - The 2004 season has begun as the CJ Motorsports team rolled out to Illiana Speedway for the open practice session. The team unloaded the car and hit the track quickly. Josh spent 5 laps cruising around at caution pace to feel if there were any problems. The green came out and the field picked up the pace and Josh was up to speed in a few laps and was running some quick laps. This was a good sign as the car had tires on it from last year. Josh was turning laps in the 21.20's which was proved to be quickest in the first 2 sessions. Then they decided to bolt some new tires on and let Josh feel what the car would be like and he was turning laps in the 20.90's and 21.00's. These were the fastest laps posted for the day. The times were based on a new transponder scoring system the track is using. The times will be able to be viewed online as we race. More info to follow. The season opener is this Saturday April 24th hope to see everybody there.

April 13th 2004

another associate sponsor was signed for the season

EMAIL: athomeframing@aol.com

April 8th 2004

another associate sponsor was signed for the season, Atkinson Movers. Based out of Roselle, IL. this upstart company is entering the race market. Atkinson Movers can help you with all your moving needs.

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April 7th 2004

new email addresses
* josh@joshnelms.com
* Dave@joshnelms.com

with nelmsracing.com changing to joshnelms.com the email addresses has changed. please update the email addresses

April 7th 2004

another new associate sponsor for 2004